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Vivien Lees - Consultant Plastic Surgeon - Plastic Surgery

Professor Lees is pleased to offer a general plastics service with examples of the work routinely undertaken as listed.

In addition to general skin lesions, scar and skin oncology work Professor Lees has a specialist service for the correction of developmental breast differences including Poland’s anomaly and tubular breast correction. This element of the practice has grown out of a multidisciplinary clinic undertaken with other surgeons at the Nightingale Clinic, University Hospitals South Manchester.


Procedures routinely undertaken

Skin lesions

  • cosmetic mole removal
  • removal birth marks (serial excision / tissue expansion)
  • skin cancer removal – basal cell carcinoma – excision
    skin grafts / local flaps

Developmental breast anomalies

  • breast asymmetry correction
  • tubular / tuberose breasts correction
  • Poland’s syndrome reconstruction

Scar revision

  • conservative treatment including pressure garment, silicone cream, steroid injection,
  • Collagen Induction Therapy (microneedling)
  • surgical revision including excision, reorientation by Z-plasty, W-plasty,
    tissue expansion
  • split earlobe repair

Complex wounds (various)

  • open wound care and reconstruction