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The following are the web addresses of organisations to which I am affiliated.

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Professor Lees was a Council member of the BAAPS for eight years and was instrumental in developing the aesthetic curriculum for Plastic Surgery in the UK promoting the study of cosmetic surgery. The site is a good reference for information on the cosmetic surgery procedures.



Professor Lees is a BSSH member and former President of BSSH. She led the development of the British Hand Diploma and the MSc in Hand Surgery with details available on this site. The site also acts as a reference for information on hand surgery procedures.



Professor Lees is a BAPRAS member and formerly a member of BAPRAS Council. Provides information about our organization and information about commonly performed procedures.

BMI Hospitals group


Professor Lees has practice based at the Alexandra Hospital, Cheadle for cosmetic, hand and general plastic surgery. Consultations are undertaken at the Beeches Consulting Centre within the grounds of the Alexandra Hospital.

Spire Regency Macclesfield


Professor Lees offers cosmetic surgery procedures based on the Regency Hospital, Macclesfield. Consultations at the Beeches Consulting Centre, Cheadle.

Spire West Didsbury Manchester


Professor Lees offers hand surgery procedures based on the Spire West Didsbury Hospital, Manchester as part of the specialist group Manchester Hand Institute who are based there.

University of Manchester


Professor Lees is affiliated with the Institute of Inflammation and Repair based at the Stopford Building, Oxford Road, Manchester.

University Hospitals South Manchester
Plastic Surgery Foundation


Professor Lees is member of a group of established plastic surgeons who have teamed up to provide a high quality plastic surgery care in the north west of England.

Manchester Hand Institute


Professor Lees is one of the founding members of the MHI. The group of dedicated hand surgeons are trained cross specialty in the disciplines of both plastics and orthopaedics to provide comprehensive care in hand surgery.

Royal College of Surgeons of England


Professor Lees is an elected College Council member of the royal College of Surgeons of England.

Hands for Life


Professor Lees is founder member of the charity ‘Hands for Life’ (Registered Charity 1109751), which delivers surgical treatment for patients with Leprosy, congenital hand defects, burn contractures an cleft lip/ palate to patients in the developing world. The team goes out each year since 2000.