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Learn more about cosmetic surgery certification – the new programme relaunched with professional behaviours masterclass. Designed with the aim of improving safety for patients accessing cosmetic surgery services.


For patients:

Cosmetic Surgery Certification has been launched by RCS England to help you get the most objective advice and the safest possible surgery. A surgeon having the certificate will have demonstrated their commitment to safe cosmetic practice and will be in the best position to support you through your surgical journey. In order to be awarded the certificate your surgeon will have had to prove that their training, professional skills, clinical skills and knowledge are of a satisfactory standard.

The existing list of certified cosmetic surgeons can be accessed here:


In addition, you may find the following resources on the RCSEng information hub to be useful.


For professionals:

The scheme supports you to demonstrate your expertise to patients. It is part of our drive to make the field of cosmetic surgery safer and is the culmination of many years endeavour. The scheme builds from, and indeed requires you to have, the specialist CCT in your parent specialty in order to be eligible to apply. You can apply for single or multiple certificates relevant to your areas of work. Plastic surgeons can now also apply for a single certificate covering all areas. Evidence of your case activity and practice are required.

The application process is now streamlined and has the input and support of all four Royal Colleges and the relevant Surgical Specialty Associations including BAAPS and BAPRAS. Evidence can be submitted flexibly. There is a Professional Behaviours Masterclass which is an integral part of certification and has been redeveloped recently to be available online.


Further information is available on request and you may find it helpful to review our webinar which answers questions that colleagues have raised about the scheme.


Professor Lees completed cosmetic surgery certification in 2018 and now acts as College Lead for the Cosmetic Surgery Certification project.